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Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure + Original Canopy Tour®

A day at the Veragua Rainforest is the perfect way to experience firsthand as many of Costa Rica’s wonders as possible.

  • Glide through the rainforest treetops on an Sky Gondola looking out for monkeys, sloths and colorful rainforest birds.  Visit the world-class Frog and Reptile Habitats– and mingle with hundreds of butterflies at the Butterfly Garden, including the famous blue morpho!
  • Journey into the forest on diverse walking trails, admiring the sights and sounds of wild flora and fauna. Enjoy a walk to the riverbank or hike to a spectacular cascading waterfall, feeling the thunderous spray almost at your fingertips.
  • Or experience the most exhilarating canopy zip-line ride in the Caribbean– the Original Canopy Tour–  as you glide silently through the Costa Rican rainforest on specially-built traverses and platforms, marveling at the commanding views from the treetops.
  • And don’t forget to visit The Foundation for Rainforest Research,where university researchers unlock nature’s mysteries and learn about exciting new species.  To date, eleven new rainforest species have been discovered at Veragua by our scientists!
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This tour includes:

  • The Original Canopy Tour®.

  • Sky Gondola.

  • Puma Waterfall.

  • Rainforest Trail.

  • Snakes Exhibit

  • Butterfly World

  • Frog Habitat

  • Biological Research Station

All tours include:

  • Naturalist guide (private guide available for an extra fee and upon request).

  • Wi-Fi in selected spots.

  • Souvenir shop on site.

  • Food and beverages available for purchase.

Important notes:

  • Hours of operation:

  • Tuesday to Sunday 8 am – 3 pm (Mondays open, on cruise call date at Puerto Limon)

  • From April 15th to October 15th RESERVATION REQUIRED.

  • Prices are valid from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020. Starting on July 1, 2010 the value-added tax of 4% must be added.

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