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The Foundation finances lines of research in a 77-hectare (190-acre) property in the mountains of the Costa Rican Caribbean region, where Veragua is located.  Results are showcased to visitors and the public by way of personal explanations, research papers, television programs when invited, and this website.

The Foundation for Rainforest Research (“The Veragua Foundation”) was constituted on February 5th, 2013.  Its legal domicile is the ecotourism park known as the Veragua Rainforest located in the tropical rainforest of Limón, Costa Rica, and its administrative office is in the capital city of San José, Costa Rica.

As stipulated in its Legal Constitution, the objective of the foundation is:

“To support, finance, and promote the research of flora and fauna in the tropical rainforest of Veragua and its surrounding areas; to share and discuss with neighbors and visitors the accumulated scientific knowledge produced by the research; and to make charitable contributions to benefit neighboring local communities in the Veragua Rainforest vicinity.”

The Foundation’s Resources

This resources come from generous donations from:
  • Visitors to the Veragua Rainforest

  • Individual and institutional donors in Costa Rica and the United States.

  • Inversiones Veragua Gloval IVG S.A (the ovenership company of the Veragua Rainforest), whitch is the main benefactor.

Thanks to the collaboration from these donors, the Foundation is able to operate two rainforest research laboratories, to retain full-time biologists and assistants, and to maintain partnerships with renowned academic institutions such as the University of Costa Rica, facilitating our publication of findings and sharing them with the world community.  To date, we have uncovered eleven (11) new animal species at Veragua

Control and fiduciary responsibility over Foundation resources is maintained by its Executive Director and Founders Committee, comprised by seven key environmentalists and executives, who oversee Foundation activities and administration.

Veragua Foundation Animal Handling Rules And Regulations

We would like to share with all of you our very important animal-handling rules and regulations, which follow international protocol and are designed to protect the animals.

All people who touch or handle any animal species at Veragua Rainforest must belong to the scientific research team of the Foundation for Rainforest Research (Veragua Foundation).

Each individual must have a permit from the Costa Rica Ministry of the Environment.  Further, the only reason why any animal is handled at Veragua Rainforest is because it is part of an ongoing investigation for the conservation of the same species. For example, we handle 44 species of bats at Veragua Rainforest–to identify the bat species that live in Veragua Rainforest and to measure the consequences of climate change.  This is our research topic for which we record and report information to decision makers in the field of conservation.

While it is forbidden for visitors to handle animals at Veragua Rainforest, we enjoy showing visitors what  we do in the field of research. So, when you have a day off, please visit Veragua Rainforest to learn more about what we do. It would be a pleasure to meet you and share with you our work!

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