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About Our Veragua Rainforest Research Station

We are a scientific research station and private reserve located in the Central Caribbean region of Costa Rica, where students, researchers and visitors can experience the rainforest and participate in our investigations to learn about biodiversity and conservation.

Veragua Foundation operates its Biological Research Station in conjunction with the Biology School of the University of Costa Rica. Since 2012, Veragua biologists have performed numerous studies to understand how environmental variables such as temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and moonlight affect the reproductive behavior of different animal populations.

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The Veragua Rainforest and its surroundings in Costa Rica’s Central Caribbean region exhibit the highest number of frogs and toads in Middle America, from Mexico to Panama, with 64 species recorded.

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We are recognized as the “The most frog-diverse place in Middle America, with 64 species, by the Amphibian & Reptile Conservation journal. The study was directed by zoologist José Andrés Salazar-Zúñiga, Research Coordinator for the Veragua Foundation in Costa Rica, along with other researchers from the Veragua Foundation and the School of Biology of the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

Since 2009, we have been continuously researching the flora and fauna in the Central Caribbean region of Costa Rica.  In Costa Rica there are still many areas unexplored by science, where the records of its biodiversity are mostly anecdotal.

One of the least researched areas is the Talamanca Mountain Range due to the difficult access and the lack of facilities to accommodate researchers.

This is the number one competitive advantage for Veragua research station. We are able to provide housing facilities to researchers, so they can come and investigate the unexplored flora and fauna in the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Veragua Rainforest shares the area with the three tiny communities of Brisas de Veragua de Limon, Union of the Peje River and Rio Blanco. It is a rural area of farms and small houses tucked into green rolling hills, where the population once subsisted solely on logging, agriculture, and working on cattle ranches.

For the past 10 years, Veragua Rainforest founders have worked with local communities to improve residents’ quality of life with new jobs and provide education in environmental conservation. During the two years of park construction, Veragua hired 140 men from the local area, many of whom stayed on working at the park in maintenance and grounds keeping.
Through the Veragua Foundation for Education & Rainforest Research, Veragua Rainforest helps the schoolchildren at the local Las Brisas de Veragua Elementary School and La Union de Rio Peje Elementary School with school supplies and school improvements and maintenance.

Our student groups also get the chance to visit the schools and share an unforgettable experience by helping with maintenance, painting, and building sidewalks, among other activities for service learning.

Climate Change Mitigation Commitment

Climate change is one of the biggest concerns and challenges facing the world today. As the world’s nations race to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, studies show that tropical forests play an important role in climate change. Costa Rica is a hot spot due to its unique ecosystems and abundant biodiversity that will be seriously impacted by changes in the planet’s temperature, rainfall variance, and possible increase in natural disasters.

Veragua Rainforest is now linking our scientific investigations and climate change research with new environmental education programs that incorporate STEM education elements of natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics in hands-on learning experiences.

Thanks to Filip Kulisev for this photo.

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