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Veragua Rainforest: Live Exhibits

Veragua Rainforest, called the “Cream of the Cream of the Rainforest” by National Geographic.  Visit the Reptile Habitat, Frog Habitat, and Butterfly Garden, swarming with hundreds of the world’s most colorful butterflies. 

Take you on an insider’s look at the laboratories where The Foundation for Rainforest Research’s biologists work to unlock nature’s mysteries partnering with the University of Costa Rica. 


This tour includes:

  • Snakes Exhibit

  • Butterfly World

  • Frog habitat

All tours include:

  • Naturalist guide (private guide available for an extra fee and upon request)

  • Wi-Fi in selected spots

  • Souvenir shop on site

  • Food and beverages available for purchase

Important notes:

  • Hours of operation:

  • Tuesday to Sunday 8 am – 3 pm (Mondays open, on cruise call date at Puerto Limon)

  • From April 15th to October 15th RESERVATION REQUIRED.

  • Prices are valid from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020. Starting on July 1, 2010 the value-added tax of 4% must be added

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