Frequently Asked Questions​

How can I get to Veragua Rainforest?

Veragua Rainforest is located 12 kilometers south of the Liverpool entrance on Route 32.

We recommend that tourists arrive by means of their own transport, if they are going to take a taxi they should do so from Limón downtown, which is where it is easier to get the same.


We also offer tours and lodging packages with transportation included from Limón.

Our Location on Google Maps:

It takes less than one hour each way from the Port of Limón to Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure.  Actually, from the Sky Gondola, you can see your ship anchored at the port on a clear day.

It takes less than 4 hours from the capital of Costa Rica: San José, to Veragua Rainforest.

Where can I buy the Veragua Rainforest tours / lodge packages?

You can buy them at the following link:

For what age group or physical condition is this tour ideal?
Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure is ideal for persons of ANY age of physical condition. Older visitors tend to be particularly intrigued with bird watching or the research an educational aspects, whereas younger visitors tend to be more enthralled by the close encounter with the waterfall, the nocturnal frog exhibit, or the aerial activities (Sky Gondola or canopy tour).
Are your facilities wheelchair and stroller accessible?
Yes. In fact, our facilities were designed to be accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, except for the optional (but included in the tour price) Puma Waterfall trail and platform, which has a total of 350 steps to and from the platform.
Do you offer shuttle transportation from the port?
If you are traveling on a cruise line that is listed among the ones we have Shore Excursions with, please contact your cruise line directly or your Shore Excursion Office on board your ship to help you with your reservation. If not, we will be happy to offer our tours with transportation from the port, please write to us at to help you with your quote.
What type of clothing should I wear to visit the park?
When visiting Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure, you should wear comfortable walking shoes and comfortable clothing for warm weather, plus bring a poncho or raincoat, a hat and sun-block.  If you are taking The Original Canopy Tour®, bring an extra piece of clothing in case of rain.  All of the rainforest trails and live exhibits at Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure have smooth, obstacle-free walking surfaces so hiking boots are not required.
Are children allowed to take the Canopy Tour?
Children 5 years and older are allowed to go on the Canopy Tour if accompanied by an adult, or with a signed waiver.
Is there an entrance fee charge for children under 4 years old?

Entrance to Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure is free for children under 4 years old.

How long is the Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure half day tour?

The Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure half-day tour is 3 ½ hours long (5½ hours pier-to-pier).

How long is the Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure full day tour?
The Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure full-day tour is 5 ½ hours long (7½ hours pier-to-pier).
Do the tours run at certain times?

Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure tours and The Original Canopy Tour® excursions start from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, You”ll be assigned a tour and guide upon arrival.

Are pets allowed in Veragua Rainforest?

On the recommendation of veterinarians and our team of biologists, pets are not allowed into Veragua Rainforest. This to protect wildlife and domestic animals.