Educational Packages

Veraguas’s Scientific And Environmental Education Activities

We design our educational packages to give students a hands-on educational experience, which directly relates to the issues our planet faces today. For example, animal activity, along with meteorological and ecological data, informs scientists about the environment, including warning signs of serious climate change.

Students and volunteers participate in our ongoing research, one-on-one with our biologists. Groups are divided up and participate in different activities, such as data collection, to be part of the research.

Our environmental education programs at Veragua Rainforest include:

  • Study of several mammal species in our private reserve using camera traps, bat nets, and sand traps to record animal tracks.

  • Study of amphibians and reptiles to show how the variables of temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and moon luminosity affect species. These investigations tie in with ongoing research.

  • Habitat restoration for two species in danger of extinction: Tiger Frogs and Lemur Leaf Frogs. This has been an ongoing project for many years

  • Sounds of the Rainforest guided walks to learn and understand the different songs of birds and amphibians, which help us to gauge the health of animal populations in the region.

  • Bird watching to identify species in the region. Costa Rica has the greatest density of bird species in North and Central America, and a record number of 417 bird species have been identified in the Central Caribbean region. At Veragua we have identified 364 types of birds, which represent 20% of the 920 species of birds found in Costa Rica.

  • Visiting one of our two “adopted” elementary schools to meet the children and to provide assistance, often by painting schools or giving gifts such as school supplies, as a way to interact with gentle people that live near us in the Costa Rican countryside.

  • Study of fruit-eating butterflies with traps located at different altitudes to see how environmental changes affect migration patterns and reproduction

  • Other fun activities, not just science… 😊


All of our environmental educational packages are tailor-made. After understanding the group’s interests, our Educational Program Coordinator and Research Coordinator work together with our potential visitors to create a program with suggested activities  to take place with our on-site biologist and naturalist guides, who are your hosts.

In many cases, groups have already been working on certain topics in the classroom and come to Veragua to apply their studies.

Program Length At Veragua Rainforest

Program 1

Program 2

  • 5 days

  • 4 Nights

  • Starting at $625 per person

  • 3 days

  • 2 Nights

  • Starting at $350 per person

Program 2

  • Rates are based on a minimum group of 10 people.

  • If you are a travel agent please contact us here:

Visit includes:
  • All meals and accommodations

  • Activities developed in conjunction with teachers and the on-site biologist

  • Activities that participate in ongoing research

  • Amazing hands-on experiences for students and educators

  • Social learning and community integration

What About Our Veragua Rainforest Lodging Facilities?


We offer rustic, researcher-type accommodations with bunk beds and ceiling fans. Our bathrooms and showers are shared by gender and kept impeccably clean.


  • Our lodge has 24/7 solar energy and free Wi-Fi

  • Towels and soap are provided at check-in

There is a social area for playing ping pong, cards, or other table games which is open until 10:00 PM.

What Is The Veragua Rainforest Camp Maximum Capacity?

  • 6 rooms with 4 bunk beds

  • 1 room for teachers or chaperons with a private bathroom (4 people max)

  • 51 people maximum capacity (including guide and driver)

What Should I Bring?

  • Clothes that dry fast and that you won’t mind getting dirty

  • Long pants for research activities

  • Flashlight

  • Light rain poncho

  • Insect repellent, preferably natural-based with no DEET

  • Sunscreen

  • Hiking boots; we can lend a limited amount of rubber boots but don’t carry larger sizes

And above all: eagerness for adventure and hands-on research!

About Our Meals

Menus are based on Costa Rican traditional foods, such as rice and beans, salads, vegetables, meat, chicken or fish.

We provide three healthy, home-cooked meals a day on the following schedule:
  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM.

  • Lunch: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

  • Dinner: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

By request we can provide special menus for visitors.

All of our programs include an excellent introduction to the rainforest:
Live exhibits of snakes, frogs an toads, and buttuerflies
Students will be led through a collection of world-class live exhibits of reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. With the help of our expert naturalist guides and exhibit stations, students will learn relevant and interesting information (e.g., regions found, maximun size, eating habits, etc.).
Veragua Sky Gondola Ride
This tour includes an exciting Sky Gondola ride through the rainforest canopy down to the river valley bottom. Gliding silently by mammoth 300 years old trees, and uninterrupted rainforest views are some of the highlights of the tram ride.
The Giants and Puma Waterfall Trails
Upon reaching the buttom, students will disembark and enjoy a guided walk on the welll-maintained Trail of the Giants along the Victoria River.

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